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The Forgotten Ways

theforgottenways-735956.jpgI had a chance to hear Alan Hirsch and ask him a few questions at a dinner at the NNCC.  On the plane ride back (with layovers) I'm reading through his book, The Forgotten Ways.  If you blog, I'm sure you have seen a lot of conversation about it.  I recommend you pick up a copy of the book, it is a very important voice in the conversation of the Western church.

Scot McKnight comments (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)or Jordan Cooper review here. (HT: Reformissionary ) Others sources: TallSkinnyKiwi & the Official Forgotten Ways site.


  1. Drew,
    Man it was great to meet you and get to know you. I look forward to coming to see you in San Diego. I will forward the Bloggers list to you. Thanks for just spending some time talking to me. You are an inspiration.
    Henry Judy

  2. THanks Henry for gathering the list & the compliment. Appreciate your servant heart at the conference.

  3. Yes, there is MUCH to like about this book. As you mention it has much to say to the western church. I hope many will read it and seriously engage with others what Hirsch is saying. We have 40+ reading it in a couple of network groups that are meeting once a month to work through the book chapter by chapter. Additionally I know of several who are reading it and discussing it via blogs/email. Again I just hope people will engage with what is being said. Glad you have mentioned it here.

  4. I just got the book a few weeks ago as well. Definitely an interesting read. Look forward to the discussion. Let me know if there’s a discussion in San Diego around this. I know Geoff Hsu has read through it and has been impacted…

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