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San Diego Premarriage Counseling

Ok, we’re two weeks from leading a group of couples through premarriage counseling here in San Diego. Let me know if you have any books you highly recommend. Here are three more I’m picking up:

1. Strengthening Your Marriage (Paperback) by Wayne A. Mack
2. Rocking the Roles: Building a Win-Win Marriage (Paperback) by Robert Lewis, William Hendricks
3. Your Family, God’s Way: Developing and Sustaining Relationships in the Home (Paperback) by Wayne A. MacK


  1. You can’t go wrong with Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. It is kind of a practical theology of marriage. I also would check out Intended for Pleasure by Ed Wheat. It covers the sexual dynamics of marriage in a tasteful but frank way.

  2. Thanks Michael. I have Intended for Pleasure by Ed Wheat, very well done. We have had women read this one to two months before they get married, and have the guys read it the week before (otherwise their minds go crazy with the possibilities).

    I’ll look at Sacred Marriage thanks.

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