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Receive Monthly Summaries of the Best Theology Books of the Year

books.gifDuring my flight to Hawaii, I cracked open the SkyMall.  In it, I found an advertisement for Soundview Executive Summaries.  For a yearly subscription, you can receive summaries of the best business books of the year in your choice of print, audio, CD-ROM, or online formats, covering subjects like management, leadership, strategy and more.

I know many of you read (or would like to) a large number of books.  BUT what if someone did the same thing for theology & church-related books?  People could subscribe to receive summaries of the best theology/Church titles of the year and (buy them if they like it or at least learn from the book).  I suggested it to Tim Challies for Discerning Reader (since he reads more books than 10 people combined).

What do you think, is this something you'd be interested in? 


  1. Through some discussions with Tim, he did find a site doing it (but it’s pretty out-dated with the last entry in 2005)

  2. Yes, I am also familiar with that site, but the summaries are very infrequent, and more often done on “popular” books and not really on theology. I used to subscribe to a resource Christianity Today published called Current Thoughts and Trends which was a monthly periodical that had abstracts about important issues drawn from religious and secular sources – that work was a great time saver – but it went belly-under.

  3. I think it would depend on the subscription model. The Executive site charges a fee, the Christian site is free, although the books and reviews sort of reflect that probably. If the books and summaries were good it may be worth a small fee.

  4. I’d definitely be interested and I probably wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for the service. If I had the time it’s an idea I’d even love to contribute towards it (i.e. writing summaries). Is this something your thinking of developing with your company Drew?

  5. I think its a great idea. I’m reading about 5-6 books a month besides my sermon prep and I just can’t read everything that I want to be at least somewhat familar. I think this could easily be done through a free blog and just take submissions.

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