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Multi-site without Video! Our SDSU Church Launches

Appreciate your prayers and support, Kaleo Church launched our SDSU church as part of our multi-site, multi-congregational approach we gathered from Reedemer Presbyterian in NY and Harbor Presbyterian. (My co-elder David blogs on the SDSU church launch.)

Join the movement: kaleo@SDSU myspace.


  1. We have a sister church in Minneapolis who does the Multi-Site without video concept. In fact, they now have 5 locations with 13 or so pastors.

    You can find them here:

    Let me know if you want to chat with any of them about anything you guys bump up against.

  2. Thanks Noel. I will. Harbor has been a great help. They are at 6 locations with 9 preaching pastors and more site pastors. We’re launching our 3rd location in a couple months, so things are going to get crazier!

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