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Missional Community Leadership Assessment Interview

As we continue to form around around the gospel, mission and community one of the questions we are asking is who is qualified to lead a missional community?  What are the characteristics, competencies and convictions of a MC leader?  Soma has provided us with their Missional Community Leadership Assessment Interview where they meet with individuals or couples if married to interview/assess 

  1. Personal History/Stories
  2. Spiritual Formation
  3. Gospel Understanding
  4. Identity in Christ
  5. Marriage and Family
  6. Mission
  7. Teach-ability
  8. Finances

What are your thoughts?  Any other areas you would assess?  

Download: Missional Community Leadership Assessment Interview (pdf)

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  1. That stuff looks good. Since we’ll be viewing missional communities as local bodies, our appointment of leadership will be based on the qualifications of elders and deacons as given by Paul to Timothy. As I look at the above, I think all of that would be part of it.

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