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List of Church Technology & Website Blogs & Resources

For those of you who like to follow the latest church web/technology out there, here are a list of blogs & resource sites:

ChurchTechBlogs (An aggregator of Church Tech Bloggers, that has been added to.)

Blog Ministry (A site dealing with web ministry & online evangelism)

Church Marketing Sucks (Church marketing, web and communication)

Godbit (Designing better church websites)

BetaChurch (Church design & technology) 

Church Technology Review (Church websites, technology and web 2.)

Geeks & God (Everything tech audio, web and beyond)

Churchbit (Group of like-minded church tech strategists, many of the participants on in this list.)

Uneeknet (Design, usability & web standards) 

Art of Mission (Web & church/mission)

Godly Creative (Web & church/mission)

Matt Heerema (Web & church/mission)

Nathan Smith (Web & church/mission)

Robert Evan (Web & church/mission)

Tim Bednar (Web & church/mission)

Goodmanson (web, technology, church planting & leadership) 

Gospelcon (the internet ministry/church conference) 


  1. Thanks for these – really helpful insights on some of them.

  2. And you can add one more …
    “Webs 4 Churches”, which covers church tech, webs, and communications.

  3. Check out my blog: ChurchVideoIdeas. Thanks.

  4. Shameless plug for my own Church IT blog at

    ALSO a large number (20+) of us church IT folks do a live interactive podcast every 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 2pm Eastern. Some details and links to listen to past episodes here

  5. Church Tech Podcast – Technology Solutions for Churches on a Budget.

    Chaotic Christians Podcast – Christianity the Fun Way

  6. Recently our church purchased an amazing Church Software that has really improved our e-ministry. I highly reccomend Nativity. You should add these guys to the list as well…

  7. Here’s another site useful for churches, ministries, missionaries etc., It’s a free fundraising site that doesn’t require people to buy anything they don’t want. It takes about 20 minutes to set one up, and its FREE.

  8. Check out

    It is focused on Computers, Networks, Web, Audio and Video technical issues. There is also a new training series for training church sound techs. All this is available FREE!

    Come and check it out!

  9. I’ll definitely be checking most of these sites out. I did notice that the original posting date was quite a while ago, maybe I’ll have to go through and update it on my blog.

  10. Nice one! Looks like Hillsong Church is building a new website? They have a blog set up about it –

    • Pastor Danny,Thank you for your gracious holttiasipy on my visit for the Patrick and Leslie’s wedding. It was a pleasure doing the service with you and I enjoyed seeing the great ministry you have going there. Many Blessings Tim Carson

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