I want more stuff and get me out of here as soon as possible…

Today I spoke with a local pastor for my column about the end times. It’s been said before but I always think this is a sad indictment on the North American church. I think it was five years ago, the two most popular books were The Prayer of Jabez and Left Behind. When you added it all up it became for most readers how can I get more stuff and when can I get out of here. I guess it make much sense in our consumeristic, missionless churches.

  • Joshua

    February 2, 2005, 12:28 am

    That whole prayer of Jabez thing really freaked me out. All of a sudden everyone’s bathroom that I knew had a copy.

  • kimmy tuscan

    February 2, 2005, 12:56 am

    So i have to admit my jealousness at Josh’s finding slash commenting here. Since finding kaleo the first feeling i can identify is an overwhelming sense of relief. I was starting to worry about visiting churches and getting upset. It was the jadedness in full effect.
    For example, before comfortably bringing two of our dear friends last week, (they loved it) i remember casually bringing my friend, mike, to a church trip to see The Passion of Christ. The movie itself was powerful and miko was silent and thinking. After being singled out for questioning/recap of movie+ church plug however, he flatly refused any more church functions with me.
    Anyway, I’m so blessed by Kaleo. and diving right into the theology…I’m into the reformed doctrine of predestination by boettner. up next: david steele and curtis thomas with 5 points of calvanism, and sproul’s holiness of God. Admittedly there may be chomsky break.
    I hope you pass that on to pastor david because we really appreciate you guys.
    you make tents? :]