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Gospel Community Mission – GCM Collective

The increased conversation about ‘being missional’ is exciting. Recently over 2,000 church leaders gathered in Austin (Verge) to discuss missionality. In the tweets to follow, there still were several who are convinced they want to be missional but aren’t quite sure how to do this.

Enter the GCM Collective. Launching in March as a collective (originally comprised of Soma Communities, The Crowded House and Kaleo Churchat ) it will centralize resources to help communities exchange ideas, resources and encouragement in a move to being the church as a community, centered on the gospel on mission to the world.

1. Sign-up at GCM Collective to be informed of the launch.
2. Join the FB page and follow GCM on Twitter.

We’re excited to see the idea exchange about creating a people on mission, discipleship, training missional leaders, forming a community on the gospel and much more…..stay tuned!



  1. Exciting! Definitely going to check this out. Bless you guys and everything you do. Thank you for sharing this with the global church.

  2. Drew,

    When can we expect the GCM Collective to be on-line? Looking forward to it.


  3. How do you access the website? All I can find is the e-mail request page.

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