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Church Planting Resources posted a paper that "sets out a new paradigm for church planting that may help create such a culture. Missionary and Missiologist Roland Allen calls the kind of church planting movement referred to in the MNA church planting vision as “the spontaneous expansion of the Church”, its “unlimited expansion” and the “spontaneous freedom of expanding life.”

It includes:

1. Principles of Spontaneous Church Planting Expansion (with applications)

2. Case Studies: Mars Hill in Seattle (of a Spontaneous Expansion), Harbor Presbyterian in San Diego (of a One-Church/Multi-Congregational Movement)

3. Written by Tim Keller it includes much of their philosophy @ Redeemer

4. Feedback in Paul’s Missionary and Church Planting Method

5. The Mission to North America’s (MNA) Church Planting Vision

Go here to download Emergence Theory and the Spontaneous Expansion of the Church – a vision for Church planting in the 21st Century a 22-page PDF. 


  1. Thank you, Drew…great stuff.

  2. Im glad this article is out here, but who wrote it? The pdf I downloaded has no credits as to who wrote this paper or the purpose of the paper. Was it a student writting for a class, or the a PCA committee, or some other group?

  3. Sam, #3 Written by Tim Keller

  4. Thanks, I just like knowing who I’m reading. =) Keller is the man.

  5. This was a great article. I wonder who wrote the last part, because they start to cite Keller. For me this article is doing a great job of bringing a cohesiveness to a reformed perspective on what it means to be missional. I feel liked this article just pulled together all these ideas I had been reading and thinking about, and fits them together so well.

  6. This article was written by Jason Dorsey, pastor of Redeemer Indianapolis. Great article.

  7. So who wrote it Keller or Dorsey?

  8. Jason Dorsey wrote it. The New Deal is a church plant that meets on the Redeemer Indianapolis site.

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