Ekklesia Systems – Church Content Management, Assimilation, Contact Management and Event Management

Redesigned Site v2.0 Now

Ekklesia Systems is a web-based application built for churches. Ekklesia combines a Content Management System (CMS), Contact Management System, Assimilation/Member Management System and Event/Registration Management System in one system. Ekklesia was created by church planters who saw a need because existing ‘off the shelf’ products and third party applications reached a point of diminishing returns. This group of pastors and lay-leaders decided to build a system that tackled these challenges .

Solution is SPORG meets Constant Contact meets a CMS meets Connection Power rolled into one.

  • Bruce

    November 2, 2005, 7:35 pm

    Looking very impressive

    One question from viewing the site – how does a prospective church sign-up / purchase etc? Didn’t seem clear to me upon a first up read. If I’ve overlooked it, disregard this.

  • D. Goodmanson

    November 2, 2005, 7:55 pm

    No pricing on the site yet. At this point we primarily are demonstrating this to prospects and then sending a pricing plan over to them based on their needs & amount of users, etc.

    We have a demo site here: http://clients.ekklesia-systems.com/

    And demonstrate some of the results here: http://church.ekklesia-systems.com/ (still working on the design elements, mainly demonstrating the publishability on multiple designs through our API system.)