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Driscoll, Acts 29 Bootcamp in San Diego 2009

Acts 29 will host a Boot Camp beginning May 5th of 2009. Are you considering planting a church? Are you ready? The Acts 29 Boot Camp can help make the difference between success and casualty. The San Diego Boot Camp will be hosted by Kaleo Church in in San Diego, CA. Speakers for this event will include Mark Driscoll and many more.


  1. william furlong

    May 13, 2009 at 8:28 am

    When can I get MP3s of the conference sessions? Four men form our church attended and were blown away and want to get these messages to our people as we believe God is moving on us and these messages have helped crystallize where we believe we are supposed to go.

    Thanks and Lord bless you guys for serving the body of Christ Jesus with this Bootcamp

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