Donald Miller the new Paul at today's Evangelical Mars Hill

Good read at Christianity Today about Donald Miller.  One quote I found interesting regarding the impact of Blue Like Jazz:

(Donald Miller) compares his experience to Paul speaking to the Athenians on Mars Hill. Paul understood Greek culture, he was winsome, and he could make an appeal for truth in a way that Greeks would receive. I point out that in that scenario, Don Miller is Paul, and evangelicals are the Greeks.

Miller nods. "I actually believe that I'm setting people free from something that is frustrating them."

Read Full Article:  A Better Storyteller -Donald Miller helps culturally conflicted evangelicals make peace with their faith.

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  • brad brisco

    June 2, 2007, 7:36 am

    Yes, good read, thanks for linking. I also like the thought immediately following the quote you posted:

    “Many evangelicals are critics of evangelical culture because they are concerned with what is being communicated to non-Christians. Miller, on the other hand, is critical of evangelical culture because he worries about what evangelicals are communicating to themselves. . . . ‘The greater trouble’ with these approaches (speaking of the 4 Spiritual Laws), Miller takes pains to say, is the trouble caused evangelicals. Throughout Searching and Blue Like Jazz, especially, Miller is pastoral in his concern that evangelicals shed whatever cultural baggage might be causing confusion in their lives of faith and return to a relational understanding of God.”