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Disneyland Trip w/ Fairchild's

disney.jpg During the busy seasons, it's often nice to get away for a break.  We had a chance to head up to Disneyland yesterday.  I've uploaded some pictures of our Disney trip . Pictures include:

  • Gideon's fight with the dark side
  • The Cars characters
  • Fairchild's & Goodmanson's


  1. I can guarantee my wife will be giving you a talking to about these pics being up!

  2. I didn’t know they had Star Wars characters at Disneyland. I thought the Star Wars movies were a part of the 20th Century Fox studios.

  3. Well that’s odd. I could have sworn I posted a response to this, and now it’s gone. What happen? 🙁

  4. Oh ok, never mind. I didn’t notice the “comment is awaiting moderation” part. Sorry Drew, my bad.

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