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Churches Charging Money for MP3s

I was over at djchuang’s metablog. We’re in everyone’s favorite topic area, money and churches. Check out this conversation. What do you think? Should churches give it all away free, cover their costs, use money for missions?

2/8 Note: (It looks like dj decided to remove the conversation)


  1. Churches should give away all sermons, talks, printed material, etc. for free. For me personally, I watch every Sunday how long it takes our tech guy to convert audio to mp3. It’s usually done before I say “amen”. I couldn’t ever conceive of charging for an Mp3 knowing what it costs (usually pennies) to host them.

  2. Find charging for MP3s hard to justify given there really are nil costs. Hosting? What you wouldn’t have a website anyway? Cmon.
    CDs etc – fair enough I can see a tangible cost. But by the same rationale I can’t see it with MP3s. Bit disappointing really.

  3. I didn’t delete the post, but it did disappear — due to web hosting server crash. They restored data from month-old backups. I’ll be doing reconstructive surgery in the next few days, and retrieve what I can. To see the thread, while it’s still in Google’s cache, you can view it at

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