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GCA – North America Church Planting Seminar

The North America Church Planting Seminar is an inter-denominational training event designed to equip church planters, coaches and supervisors to start, grow and multiply healthy, gospel-centered churches that result in the spiritual, social and cultural transformation of entire cities and regions. Christian leaders from more than 30 countries, representing over 100 denominations and mission agencies, have taken this church planter training.  This conference will be hosted at John Piper's church.

I will be presenting a couple sessions at the conference dealing with Message and Media: Communicating the Gospel in Our Post-Christian World

Session 1: Communication in Our Post-Christian World
The culture is changing and it requires new methods of communication.  This session will help you learn how to effectively minister in a post-Christian context.   Come learn the 1) five values of this Post-Christian generation, the 2) ten idols that enslave them and 3) effective ways to communicate the eternal and unchanging gospel message.

Session 2: The Internet & The Sovereignty of God
Pax Romana, the Gutenberg printing press and the internet.  God has used major technological and cultural shifts to bring sweeping change.  As our culture moves increasingly online, this session will help your church effectively use the internet to be missionaries to unbelievers, gather the unchurched and connect with your community.  Come learn how to use this powerful tool to change the community in which you are called to plant a church.

Session 2's title is a play of J.I. Packer's work, since a lot of reformed folks are there, I'm have to address the antinomy of internet outreach and God's sovereignty. 🙂  Let me know if you will be there…

View the other sessions & speakers such as Stetzer, Nabors, Childers, Ogne, etc (or view my mug shot). 


  1. I’m planning on being there – hope to meet you face to face. Do they tape the sessions at this thing – I’ll be doing the basic track and I would assume your stuff is in the advanced track.

  2. D. Goodmanson

    May 23, 2007 at 10:46 pm

    David – Look forward to meeting. They do tape the sessions. They are available for people attending the conference through the GCA website.

  3. Good deal – see you then!

  4. Interested in Church planting conferences. When and where.Christian nondenominational.United States.


    July 27, 2007 at 12:35 pm

    please i see this program as an answered prayer.

    i will appreciate it if I can be in the next one comming

    kindly give all the nessesary information tha I need to


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