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Acts 29 Bloggers

a29.gifFor those who are church planters, I've put together a list of Acts 29 pastors who have blogs.  My assumption is that a lot of these planters will post on issues of church planting and being the church.

David Fairchild (San Diego)

Mark Moore (Dallas & Mark blogs about the International Acts 29 movement)

Mark Driscoll (Seattle)

Michael Foster (Cincinnati)

Bill Streger (Houston)

Pete Williamson (Bellingham)

Tim Wagner (West LA) 

Brent Rood (Bothell WA)

Ed Marcelle (Troy, NY) 

Jonathan Herron (Kent OH)

Ryan Mobley (Springfield IL) 

Justin Anderson (Tempe, AZ) 

duane matthew smets (Pacific Beach) 

Mike Edwards (Detroit)

Who else am I missing? 


  1. And don’t forget the Acts 29 Network Blog that features issues related to ecclesiology (Mondays), highlights of Acts 29 church plants (Fridays) and articles by missional leaders (Wednesday) like Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller, J. Allen Thompson, Bob Logan, Darrin Patrick, Ed Stetzer and others. Our site is found on the home page of our website:

    Thanks for what you are doing for the kingdom, Drew. I want to use your article about Preaching the Gospel to Yourself.

  2. Harambee in South Seattle just added a couple — one for sermons —

    and one for the pastors to drop in on various topics —

    The sermon one was a new idea to me and they post the notes on the teaching a couple of days before the actual sermon. I’m finding it very cool to interact in realtime via comments/questions/supplemental information in realtime with my laptop and the free church wifi as the sermon is being preached.

  3. I am also an Acts 29 pastor (recently became part of the network) who blogs from time to time. This is a terrific resource, thanks for your work.

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