Angels & Demons

Angels and demonsKaleo began a new series about angels and demons. There are so many questions and confusion about what exactly angels and demons are. What is the involvement in our lives? What are demons? Is it possible for them to possess us? What are angels? Can we communicate with them? These are questions that many of us have and yet getting answers can sometimes be frustrating and confusing. Come and explore these questions with us as we attempt to find answers from the most definitive source on these subjects, the Bible.

Sermon: Angels

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  • Marcguyver

    November 9, 2005, 11:32 pm

    A resource I highly recommend is a book called, “The Covering” written by Hank Hannegraff. It is one of the most biblically based books on this subject that I have ever read. Very refreshing and practical; also deals with a lot of the ‘hype’ out there floating around.