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Acts 29 Church Plants

I saw this at REFORMING MY MIND. I don’t know if it’s exhaustive, but here’s a list of Acts 29 Church Plants:

Acts 29 Network Link
2 Rivers Church – Wentzville, MO
Alathia Community Church – Issaquah, WA
All Saints – Seattle, WA
City View Church – Keller, TX
Coram Deo Church – Bremerton, Wa
Core Community Church – Omaha, NE
Crosscurrent Church – Virginia Beach, VA
Crosspointe Church – Orlando, FL
Doxa Church – Seattle, WA
Ecclesia Church – Houston, TX
Edgeworth Church – Malden, MA
Grace Community Church – Auburn, WA
Grace Fellowship Church – Lynnwood, WA
Harambee Church – Renton, WA
Kaleo Church – Houston, TX
Kaleo Church – San Diego, CA
Liberti Church – Philadelphia, PA
Mars Hill Church – Ballard and Shoreline, WA
Matthias Lot Church – St. Charles, MO
Metro Community Church – Edwardsville, IL
Northpointe Church – North Chelmsford , MA
Oasis Christian Fellowship Church – Bend, OR
Oikos Fellowship Church – Bellingham, WA
Poiema Church – Phoenix, AZ
Portico Church – Charlottesville, VA
Praxis Church – Tempe, AZ
Providence Church – The Colony, TX
Providence Community Church – Plano, TX
Red Sea Church – Portland, OR
Seaside Church – Bremerton, WA
Seed Church – Bothell, WA
Soma Church – Tacoma, WA
Summit Community Church – Ofallon, MO
Terra Nova Church – Troy, NY
The Fields Church – Carlsbad, CA
The Journey Church – St. Louis MO
The Master’s Church – Denver, CO
The Resolved Church – San Diego, CA
River of Grace Church – Concord, NH
The Table Church – Portland, OR
The Vine Church – Redmond, WA
The Side of the Rock Church – Fortuna, CA
The Village Church – Highland Village, TX
Vintage 21 Church – Raleigh, NC


  1. Don’t forget about Cross Church in Riverside County!

  2. Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! bizqaqctvqs

  3. Any new ones in the Los Angeles area since this list was posted?

  4. There are 2-3 in the area I believe, including The Tribe. Check out the list of Act 29 churches in California here.

  5. isn’t there one near Marietta, Ga? We go to The Village Church here in Texas!!

  6. richard patterson

    June 8, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    Any Acts 29 churches near or in Temecula, Calif.?

  7. Hello all. I am hoping someone can direct to to any Acts 29 churches near Provo Utah, struggling to find a non LDS church in the area and hoping for some advice. Cheers!

  8. Tye, Have you seen this Acts 29 Church? Looks like they are planning on heading your way!

  9. Tye, I think there used to be an Acts 29 church in Utah but it merged with this non-denom church that I do not think is Acts 29.

  10. Hey Tye, I’m one of the teaching pastors at Alpine Church in Utah. As Aaron said, there was a A29 church in Utah but it merged with us. We are non-denominational and not officially connected with A29, but are very like-minded. I’m from Seattle and I was actually apart of Mars Hill back in the early days. So I think you would feel very comfortable at Alpine. Unfortunately, all of our campuses are located north of SLC, so we would be a long drive from Provo. There is a great church in Orem though, not far from Provo at all, it’s called Centerpoint Church ( There’s also a great church in Draper called South Mountain ( and a great church in SLC called K2 ( I know it’s a tough transition to UT, the Christian community is very small here. But make the most of your time in UT, it’s America’s greatest mission field and desperately in need of people to live on mission for Christ! If you ever get up north, come check out Alpine. God bless!

  11. Hello and Blessings!!!
    I am an ordained minister in the PCA Church. I live in Puerto Rico. I am wondering if the Acts 29 ministries help other denominations in their church plants. is there a possibility that the Acts 29 Ministries may help me in planting a church in Puerto Rico. I like your idea of missions. Please let me know.
    Ricky Ramos

  12. There are two A29 Churches I know of that are not on this list. Mission Church in San Antonio Texas and Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City Missouri. I now live in Colorado Springs and attend Sovereign Grace Chapel which is very like minded. It is so difficult to find a true Church these days and if you travel a lot this list is so very helpful! Thanks for the list! It’s awesome.

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