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websitewisdomYour Church magazine, part of Christianity Today published an article I wrote, Website Wisdom – New research, cooperative reveal best practices for churches in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue. The article begins:

Research conducted earlier this year, which surveyed hundreds of churches representing more than 70,000 members combined, attempted to drill deeper into two fundamental questions as the internet grows in its influence and importance in our culture and beyond:

1) Do church websites strategically help attract new visitors, connect people, and equip leaders?
2) And if so, what are the best practices for a church’s web strategy?

yourchurchThree significant discoveries, as well as several best practices, emerged from this work. This information can help large churches (congregations such as Willow Creek Community Church participated in the research) as well as small ones (church plants with fewer than 50 people also participated). These practices also are useful for most any situation, regardless of whether a church is using a volunteer, a church website design firm, or a staff member to design its site.

Article pdf (6mb) Website Wisdom – New research, cooperative reveal best practices for churches

Read the whole magazine in their digital version: Your Church Nov/Dec 2009 issue


  1. Drew,
    This has been a go-to article for me since you first introduced it (thanks you). Now the 2009 date is looking old. Do you know of any more current research regarding the benefits of web sites for churches? Research on people accessing the web first when it comes to looking for a church. etc.?

  2. admin

    October 3, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Glad to hear it Barry!

    A lot of new research has gone into this and been posted over the last couple years here:

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