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Website Stolen

Any help you can lend out there but DataFizz is taking credit for this design of Viviana Rodr??guez Amoblamientos SA. It is a direct rip of Denver Seminary built by Monk and designed by Designwise Studios. They’re even using the same css file names (monkcms.css).


  1. Josh Christopherson

    February 23, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    Nice – if you disable CSS, it shows “Denver Seminary” twice.

  2. The company that stole it is from Chile. Why don’t you contact the guys from and ask them to make it public in their country.

  3. I have friends in the SBS, it would be very quiet…

  4. Why don’t you contact Viviana Rodr??guez Amoblamientos SA and tell them they were ripped off. They’ve shelled out money for website development only for DataFizz to do a quick cut and paste job.

  5. Love the crowdsourcing going on here. osoman & Tim we have done your suggestions, we’ll see what happens!

    Jason – not sure on what you are suggesting….will people end up dead?

  6. Not dead, permanently incapacitated that’s all.

  7. Hasn’t this happened before?

  8. Yes. With Ekklesia 360 but it was resolved:

  9. john from cincinnati

    February 26, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    line 104 in the source still says “Welcome to Denver Seminary”

  10. I agree that contacting the client that paid for website design is the way to go – point out to them the original site, show where it still says “Denver Seminary.”

    At this point showing the client that their web design firm not only stole a design, but stole the money they were paid to do the design and let the marketplace take its course is the way to go. I would also suggest seeing if there is anything like the BBB in Argentina – there do not seem to be any links on the website design firm’s page indicating membership in any trade organizations, otherwise that might be an avenue.

    They do have a portfolio listed – if the practice of lifting sites is part of their business model it’s likely that other clients are also lifted – it depends on how much detective work you want to do – if you detect other lifted sites you could possibly inform the lifters.

    Otherwise leave it at reporting to the client who paid for a hot website design.

    It will be interesting to see their response – I hope it’s not, “you’re a norteamericano, you’re fair game.”

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