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The editor of the San Diego Reader has asked me to find home churches, prayer groups, punk rock ministries– the new and offbeat to review in my Sheep & Goats column. Let me know if you have a suggestion…


  1. Cool. I’ll look through these. From what I recall most of these are ‘churches’. I’m trying to find the unchurched stuff going on in the Christian community. Someone mentioned a thing called ‘the movement’ in San Marcos. Jason Evans is doing something here in SD (he’s at There is another thing called Cevyn up at UTC….

  2. Is Ventura anywhere nearby? ‘Cause I know a home church community there that is connected to mine , they live in community and practice open, non-hierarchical meetings…in general though, you can find some “punk,” “goth,” and “underground” stuff on my site,

  3. Hey Drew . . . found your blog via the Kaleo website. I hope all is well with your community. The Movement in San Marcos is a pretty large church by now – up over a thousand, but only a couple years old. The pastor, Jeremy McGinty is a good guy. His brother Jobey leads worship. I don’t know if they’re Sheep and Goats material, but definitely worth checking out – you may be able to find an article on them on the North County Times website.

    Another UTC area group is called Ethnos – new church plant. I don’t know if they have formally launched yet.

  4. Ventura is a little too far. San Diego County, maybe Riverside is the area covered. Thanks for the list at your site… I’ll go through it.

  5. Steve,

    Good to hear from you. I left a post at your blog. I’ll check in to Ethnos. I found their website at Looks like they’ve planted and are meeting.

  6. Ya, I checked out The Movement up in North County a few weeks ago. I was amazed at the balance of teaching and worship. I thought it was going to be another slick church but it turns out it preaches the truth! I would love to see them in the Sheeps & Goats!

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