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Open Source Church Content Management Systems (CMS)

I’m looking at what type of open source Church CMS is out there… Here is one called the Web-Empowered Church (WEC). It uses TYPO3 Here is an example site: Ginghamsburg Church.


  1. On September 22, 2005 the first software was released ro Web-Empowered Church.

    In Christ,

  2. Cool. Ekklesia Systems just launched for churches.

  3. Hi man, god bless you, im a Software Developer from Cuba, is good to find a site of christian man that love technology. Im thinking on make a CMS and other software for churchs and release it as Open Source, im working on concept now and hope i can make a good and usefull modern software that help churchs, also i like to ofer services of theme development and modules and use it and donations to help make a place to give breakfast to poor childs here

  4. I’m in my final year in the university and opted a topic called church management system as my thesis topic and therefore be glad if you can assist me with your open source to download and use for my project. I will be much grateful if you offered this help. Jehovah God bless you, grant you peace, long life and prosperity. Stay bless

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