Unlocking Value for Entrepreneurs v3.0

Launched a new look and feel. Brings in some AJAX and other bells and whistles. (It’s the renovatio theme designed by Entropy.)


  1. Hey there – looking good 🙂 I replied to your questions on my site, if you need further help with it feel free to mail me

  2. Very slick. It’s great for your blog. I have been trying to get the “fancy tooltips” plugin you have on this site to work on mine for a week now (using different colors) but can’t get it to work at all.

  3. sweet, man…very nice

  4. Drew, like it a lot. Nice.

  5. Love the look Drew. Very impressive.

  6. As pretty as it was, it was a SEO lead-weight. So I’m going back to my old design.

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