Unlocking Value for Entrepreneurs – New Blog Design and upgrade to WordPress 2.04

Launched my new site design here at Hopefully you all have a much more pleasant experience as you lurk click around the site. I added a new Church Planters Resources section to list some of the things I’m involved with to help church planters. You’ll probably see some changes as I add/edit things over the next few days…


  1. Love the new look Drew. Looks brilliant!

  2. Nice redesign. I haven’t upgraded mine to the new WordPress yet but I did change to a new template I like and am trying to post a little more often –

  3. Hurray for K2 🙂 It always looks good.

  4. Very nice Drew. I really like it.

  5. I like the new look. Congrats. I usually only see the RSS feed though – Steve

  6. Thanks guys. btw – found another cool wordpress theme here:

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