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Top 10 Church Website Features/Activities

What do people say are the most important features/activities they would like to engage on a church website? So far in our survey of 100 church websites these are what people are saying they want to: (out of 23 activities on the Use of Church Websites by Attendees survey)

Highest Rated
1. Find service information (times, directions, etc).
2. Listen to/download Sermons (audio recordings).
3. Learn about the church’s Beliefs/Mission/Values
4. Connect with other members.
5. Read/download Sermons (text transcripts).
6. Join and/or interact with a home/bible study group.
7. View weekly information/calendar/news/events.
8. Find serving opportunities at the church.
9. Post prayer requests or needs.
10. Read articles or other content.

See the Top 5 Church Website Features/Activities Most Frequently Rated ‘Highest Importance’ and Top 12 Church Website Page Destinations at Church Website Guide. [This is where future survey results will be published.]


  1. Surprising results, I would have thought that staffing information would be in the top ten and that photo albums and videos would have shown up.

    That they were absent and reading text documents appeared twice was really surprising…interesting, hum. Has made me rethink church webpages…

  2. I’ve had a fair number of people request putting their church’s streams on ooTunes for their iphones. I’d have never guessed it was that high on the list though!

  3. I’d be interested in seeing a top 10 list for non-members vs. a top 10 list for members. For example, I don’t see #1 or 3 being of interest to a member… they probably already know that.

    It would also be interesting to know what people think when they choose #4. Maybe, in response to Tony, they are thinking that is a way to see photo and videos?

    I can’t see the survey because my church isn’t on the list and I don’t want to skew any results, but I wonder if online discipleship/training is a choice? I work in the online education field, and have always pondered how to introduce that into church life (not as a replacement to f2f discipleship, but as an enhancement). Also, only social justice issues – sites like come to mind, and I wish there were ways to get that connected to local church websites.

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