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Month: April 2012

Moving Beyond Stories

An article that I wrote that is at Church Marketing Sucks, it begins:

What is the objective of church communication? Of using story? What is the role of the church communicator? Last month I had the privilege of tackling these topics for a group of church communicators primarily from large churches in Southern California.

Often the larger the organization, the more dangerous the tendency to slip into pragmatism. All of us like to get things done, but it adds a layer of complexity when we seek to do this through others in a church setting. Over the years I’ve failed in this way in numerous ways, particularly when our church made a transition from being more traditional Sunday service oriented to becoming more based on people gathering throughout the week in missional communities across the city. My communication caused many to feel a burden of legalism because we often improperly communicated. Even in my role at MonkDev, where we are building web apps and online strategies for church that want to increase engagement such as small group participation or broaden exposure to attract new people, this tension is always there: How do you effectively communicate and get the results you want?

CMS: Moving Beyond Stories

Biola Digital Ministry Conference

One of the conferences I enjoy the most is the Biola Digital Ministry Conference. Over the years it’s gone by many different names, such as the Christian Web Conference but this year there is more clarity around the conference than ever before. If you are in the digital ministry space this is a must attend event. Plus, this year we are launching an amazing event, the Hack-a-thon Competition.

Digital Ministry Hack-a-thon

The Digital Ministry Hack-a-thon is a two-day team competition designed to deepen your faith and give you an opportunity to use your skills for the kingdom of God. The competition will take place as part of the Biola Digital Ministry Conference on the campus of Biola University in Southern California from June 4 to June 7, 2012. Do you think you have what it takes? Are you ready to put your skills to the test?

I will be co-presenting the Keynote Session:

The State of Digital Ministry
Drew Goodmanson and David Bourgeois

In this session, Drew and Dave will examine the way ministries are using the Internet and other digital technologies. Using their own unique perspectives, they will start by talking about where we are today: what technologies we are using, how is technology being integrated into ministry, and offer opinions about its effectiveness. Then, they will review the trends in technology and make some predictions about the future. What will be doing in five years? What technologies should your ministry be investing in right now? This session will help your ministry understand where you fit today and how to plan for the future.

Churches turn to Facebook, Web, high-tech outreach

I had an opportunity to be interviewed and quoted in a USA Today article on how the church is using technology.   It begins:

Find the church by going online — the 21st-century version of sighting a steeple on the horizon. Beyond their website, Christ Fellowship has a Facebook page to give it a friendly presence in social media.

You can download the worship program by scanning their customized-with-a-cross QR code. The worship services are streamed online from their Internet campus — with live chat running so you can share spiritual insights in real time.

Afterward, says senior Pastor Bruce Miller, “someone will ask you, ‘How did it go? Did God help you, today? How can we help you?’ Just like we do when people come to our building in McKinney. We are here to help people find and follow Christ, wherever they are starting out from.”

And wherever they are in the digital world.

Full Article:  More congregations turn to Facebook, Web, high-tech outreach

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