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Month: November 2011

Memphis Web & Social Media Training

Join us for a Web & Social Media Training Experience hosted by City Leadership.

Description: We all rely so heavily on communications and they are so valuable to us, especially since blogging, twitter, facebook, and more are basically free. But maximizing these tools for our organizations is tricky. Most of us have staff members that oversee this aspect of our ministry, but other than trial & error, training is basically non-existent. In response to this need, City Leadership is organizing a training day for Memphis Churches and Non-Profits.

Justin Wise and Drew Goodmanson will go through a one day training that will include:

Media on Purpose: Creating Content to Drive Your Strategy. Most social media efforts, by organizations or individuals, fail for a lack of fresh content. Organizations will charge head-long into social media without a content strategy and then wonder why their efforts are going unnoticed. Don’t let your social networks turn into ghost towns! Learn how to build a basic content calendar that will keep your social networks fueled and running. Give people reasons to come back by creating great content!

The Number One Way to Build Your Online Community. Did you know that virtually every single person that’s a part of your online community has something in common? Here it is: They like information that’s relevant to their own lives. In other words, they’re not participating in your community to hear about your organization. In fact, they’d prefer it if you didn’t talk about yourselves all the time. They want to hear about events, read links, and participate in discussion that’s centered around them, not you. Learn the secret of building a vibrant and growing online community that will always keep people coming back for more.

Other topics may include:
+ Social Media Essentials
+ One Hour Social Media Strategy
+ Determining ROI in Social Media
+ Develop a Powerful Church / Nonprofit Web Strategy

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Buy or Sell a home in San Diego – Imagine San Diego

Watch out world, my wife is blogging! She just put up a new blog post on Imagine San Diego (Keller Williams). Check it out: 7 Key Reasons Why NOW is the Prime Time to Buy a Home

Why use Heather as your local San Diego real estate professional? Native San Diegan, Heather Goodmanson, graduated from Chula Vista High School and San Diego State University with a B.A. in English and minors in Journalism and Spanish. With her corporate training background in the customer service industry, Heather’s strengths are in educating her clients and removing any mystery involved in their transactions.

Heather walks with you through every step of the transaction by:

Helping you connect with a recommended/priority lender for prequalification

Educating you about the local housing market and your specific neighborhood

Customizing a personal search for your new home with your specific requirements

Providing a comparative market analysis when listing your home

Negotiating the best deal possible on your behalf

Scheduling  appraisers and inspectors

Working closely with escrow to facilitate a smooth transaction

Handing you the keys to your new home!

Or, handing you the check from your sale!

WFX 2011 Develop a Powerful Church Web Strategy

“Develop a Powerful Church Web Strategy” WFX 2011 Session Now Available.

Thank you for attending our sessions at WFX 2011. Below is a link to the PDF of the presentation “Develop a Powerful Church Web Strategy” session. I pray the content helps you spread the gospel where you live and to the ends of the earth.

Our passion is helping ministries further the gospel by building appropriate web strategies for their calling.  

Password: For those who attended and requested access, your password was included in the email.  You can request access here.

Description: How do you identify and execute a web strategy that is appropriate for your church? Learn how to rally your organization and web engagement around a clear vision. Gain insights on building an online strategy for your ministry that you can execute and experience positive results to impact your ministry. Experience the process some of the largest churches and fastest growing churches in the US have gone through. This session will help you be able to:

– Build an effective and an appropriate online plan
– Lead your team through building a web strategy
– Learn from the best practices from leading churches 
– Better steward your resources online

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Some of you may have noticed my blog has been down (or infected with Malware) through a WordPress exploit of TimThumb an image re-sizer plugin. Well after a few days of work I’ve finally got it back and running. First thanks to a couple people/things:

1. I had to identify the TimThumb exploit and used the TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner plugin.
2. I then found that Google had Blacklisted me as a Malware site, so I installed WP-MalWatch.
3. After a couple hours of trying to remove the Malware myself, I decided to throw the towel in and use Sucuri to monitor and remove all Malware. They had it cleaned and relisted in a day.
4. Updated the design to Aggregate and themed it a bit to my liking.

And back in business!

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