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Month: January 2010

Church Web Optimizer

church-web-optimizerMonkDev is doing a soft-launch of Church Web Optimizer, what we hope is a powerful service to help local churches do ministry online. Church Website Optimization is the culmination of years worth of research into what makes an effective church web strategy. Monk is the only company to base our website optimization recommendations off of real research from thousands of churches and ministries that we serve!

Our studies include the results from over 100 church websites’ analytics data and thousands of church member surveys, giving Monk a unique perspective on what makes an effective church website. This real world research provides the best insight on achieving desired outcomes with proven recommendations to help your church perform better online. This means our recommendations come from best practices.

Church Website Optimization includes:

  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Google Webmaster Tools Installation
  • Google Sitemaps Submission
  • Church Website Analytics /Pre-SEO Evaluation and Conference Call
  • Google Local Search Submission
  • Featured Directory Submission on Church Cloud & Sermon Cloud
  • Online Targeted Advertising (eg. Google Adwords)
  • Social Media Strategy Implementation
  • Full SEO Services: Link building, SERPS Monitoring and Custom SEO Implementation

Church iPhone and Mobile Phone Websites

Ekklesia 360 (or if your site was designed by one of our 50 designer parters or resellers) offers an iPhone ready website for your chuch.  More people have mobile phones than computers today and mobile web-ready phones are expected to grow by 50% over the next two years.  It will be increasingly important for churches and ministries to offer a mobile experience to your users as it is forecast that by as soon as 2020 mobile will be the most common way people experience the Internet.

View more mobile website screenshots on our Facebook page.

Park Community MobilePark Community Mobile App

Park Community Mobile MediaPark Community Mobile Events

GCA Church Planting Conference

I’m going to be presenting two sessions with Timmy Brister at the GCA Church Planting Conference January 26-28th 2010 in Orlando. If you are a church planter, this is a highly valuable conference to attend.

Planting in a Post Christian World: The culture is changing and therefore there new methods of church planting are required. This session will help you learn how to effectively minister in a post-Christian context. Come learn the key values of this Post-Christian generation, the idols that enslave them and effective ways to communicate the eternal and unchanging gospel message.

The Internet and the Sovereignty of God: God has used major technological and cultural shifts to bring sweeping change. As our culture moves increasingly online, this session will help your church effectively use the internet to be missionaries to unbelievers, gather the unchurched and connect with your community. Come learn how to use this powerful tool to change the community in which you are called to plant a church.


atechagoraphobia – the fear of being without technology

Six years ago I tried to get a word in the dictionary and I want to continue to use it, as I see it as more and more a part of our future. In an always-on culture with technology a part of our every moment the idea of atechagoraphobia (at one point I had termed it Technagoraphobia) is more evident. Atechagoraphobia exists as the ‘cloud’ of online services continues to grow and the persistence of online becomes the norm, people will suffer from the fear of being in “open places w/o technology”. (Example: John never would go camping with us because he was afraid of being offline from his iPhone.)

1. A morbid fear of being in open spaces without technology.

How do we live more intentionally in the hyper-connected reality we are in? What is a counter culture look like that is present in the moment.

Another word will need to be created to describe people who only feel ‘real life’ events are valid when they are posted online. Do you ever feel the urge to post something in Facebook as it’s happening rather than just experiencing the moment with those present? Yesterday I watched a football game and 5 guys (myself included) brought out our phones at times to take pictures, tweet, status update, etc. What boundaries and intentional habits do we need to create?

Jesus CellHere is a list of questions as a Christian I have to ask myself:

1. Why are you using your phone? Is it a form of escape or distraction? Are you using it for a purpose or to pass time? If so, what does that reveal about your heart?
2. Is technology and media stealing attention from your family or community? Do they get second-best treatment as you work on ‘one last update’?
3. Are you more enamored with progress and the next iPhone app? Are you astonished with the gospel?

I’ve reflected a bit on these ideas as I spoke about The World: Media & Consumerism.

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