June 2009

Church Website Guide
If you have been following the Church Web Strategy Cooperative you are aware that we have been involved in a market research project for church websites. The research staff at ChurchWebsiteGuide.com has been working feverishly for four months on cutting-edge...
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What is Gospel Intentionality within a Church Community?
Today I received an email from a pastor on Gospel Intentionality. In this email he requested help for his church family to gain a better understanding of what gospel intentionality looks like. What exactly is gospel intentionality? Steve Timmis posted...
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Church Web Strategy Coop Update
Thank you for those who are interested in participating in the Church Web Cooperative. We have been working feverishly for four months of cutting-edge research that seeks to answer the question “What are churches doing on the Internet right now...
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Church Website Cooperative Project
Kaleo Church along with several other churches plan on cooperating and implementing a new church web strategy. This strategy is influenced from a study that examined the analytics of 50+ church websites. In this research there were answers to questions...
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