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Month: May 2009

Cobblestone Community Network BETA Release

Our team at Monk Development has been hard at work and now we finally have the BETA release of Cobblestone. Today four organizations are on the system with more to come. Here are a few of the screenshots to whet your appetite:

Grace Login page. Cobblestone can be pointed to a subdomain of your site. eg.

Grace Church using Cobblestone

Cobblestone integrates with Ekklesia 360 (for those who use the CMS) and can share events, import members, etc.

Practical Missional Ecclesiology Workshop

At the Acts 29 Bootcamp in San Diego I led a workshop on how Kaleo Church desires to build church structures, systems and leadership centered on the gospel in community on mission to the world. Prior to listening to this workshop please listen to Jeff Vanderstelt’s Influence Through Mission & Vision, also suggested is Brian Howard’s Influence Through Community.

Here is the outline of what was covered:
I. Practical Missional Ecclesiology Systems & Structures
II. (31:09) Tim Cain Case Study: Planting in El Cajon
II. (64:01) Q&A with Drew Goodmanson, Tim Cain & David Fairchild

Download the PDF of the Practical Missional Ecclesiology Workshop.

See the other Acts 29 San Diego Bootcamp Sessions.

San Diego A29 Bootcamp Sessions

The main session videos from the San Diego A29 Bootcamp, Influence: Multiplying Leaders on Mission for the Gospel are up!

Session 1: “Influence Through Leadership” – Mark Driscoll (Sound did not work properly, no video.)
Session 2: “Influence Through Brokeness” – David Fairchild
Session 3: “Influence Through Mission & Vision” – Jeff Vanderstelt
Session 4: “Influence Through Community” – Brian Howard
Session 5: “Influence Through the Word & Worship” – Matt Chandler
Session 6: “Influence Through Persevering” – Darrin Patrick

You’ll notice it is MANDATORY to wear a dark preferably black shirt when presenting at an Acts 29 bootcamp.

Two breakout sessions were recorded and will be uploaded next. The rest of the breakouts were not recorded.

Gospel-Centered Church

David Fairchild was invited to Speak at Cornerstone Church where Francis Chan pastors. He presented two sessions:

The Gospel Part 1: What’s the big deal about the Gospel? What is it and why should it be central to our community life? David Fairchild breaks down the Gospel and why it’s so important to how we live in response.

Community & Mission Part 2: So what’s the big deal with community and mission? Why is community central to God’s design for His missional purposes? David Fairchild breaks down what community and mission are and how they interrelate to one another. This discussion works off of the conviction that Gospel-Community-Mission is a three legged stool. Only together can we understand what God intended from the beginning for His redemptive plan.

Interested in more Gospel, Community & Mission? View the videos from the Total Church Conference.

Christian Web Conference

The Christian Web Conference is designed to equip individuals with the vision, knowledge, and relationships that are necessary in order to be thoughtful practitioners and consumers of developing web technologies. Expect GREAT conversations from numerous LEADING THINKERS who will help shape not necessary ‘what or how’ you use the web by WHY.

Why Should I Be Part of the Christian Web Conference?
The Christian Web Conference fosters community and learning through a combination of, idea roundtable sessions, and meal-time fellowshipping with web media experts. Attendees should expect to meet and interact with some of the top intellectual Christian web users in order to form friendships, learn how to improve their web media knowledge and ability from experts, and participate in vision casting for Christian use of web technologies. Ultimately, you should be a part of this conference because your brilliant ideas will be valued by others and because you can learn from the brilliant ideas of others. Your ideas and skills can help transform the way people use and think the web so come prepared to share and collaborate.

Digital to Incarnational: people & ideas advancing the kingdom through web technologies.

I will be facilitating a session at this conference.

Cultivate | Where Culture, Innovation and Communication Connect

Save the date of October 27th for the Cultivate Conference @ Park Community Church in Chicago [just one day and proceeding the STORY conference]. Cultivate is collective wisdom. It brings ministry and marketplace leaders to the table and asks them to leave their formal presentations at home. Cultivate is about bringing you together with the skilled, the experienced, and the insightful, and together you will drive the content. Together you will discover breakthrough insights. Cultivate is about organized conversations, and each conversation will be designed to nurture collaboration without confining the experience to a box.

Expect to be stretched. Expect to be challenged. Expect to cultivate a new way of thinking. If you are creative, strategic, and responsible for influencing how your church communicates, there is a chair waiting for you…

I will be attending and facilitating a session on Web Strategy. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Cultivate Conference

ECHO: Church Media Conference

Echo Media ConferenceA conference for church leaders that love using media, technology, and the internet to be more effective in sharing God’s story.

Why you should go
* To discover new forms of media
* To be inspired to use media in new ways
* To learn how to create original forms of media
* To move beyond what’s been done and dream about what’s next
* To turn ideas into a reality that impacts others for Christ

What you can expect
* Speakers and classes that challenge you to raise the standard of media being created for the church
* To learn practical techniques, tools, and skills geared toward helping you do what you do better
* Opportunities to connect with others who share your passion for creating and using media
* To find and learn about new resources for media and technology

Dates: July 29 – 31, 2009
Location: Dallas, Texas

Get a $50 off promo! The code is: goodmanson and will be good through July 29.

I will be attending and conducting two Breakout sessions at this conference.

STORY – Gospel Communication

Story Poster Image STORY is a first-of-its-kind experience for communicators of the Gospel – the greatest story ever told. It will be held on Wednesday, October 28 at the Paramount Theater in Aurora, Illinois. Speakers include Donald Miller, Nancy Beach, Dave Gibbons, Ed Young, Stacy Spencer, Chris Seay and Mike Foster. A day of workshops will follow on October 29 at nearby Orchard Valley Community Church, featuring illustrators, designers, scholars, authors and communications experts. Register for the conference and enter to win 2 free trips to the Kilns – CS Lewis’ home in Oxford, England – at

I will be attending and presenting a workshop, so I look forward to seeing you there!

Churches: Using the Internet to be on Mission, Disciple and Create Community

Denver Seminary sponsored a webinar for their alumni network where I presented on the Future of the Church Online. Here is a brief description:

We have all heard about the importance of a church website, the craze of social networking and the need for pastors to blog. But how effective are these really in gathering people, creating community and fostering discipleship? Learn how to enhance your web ministry and impact hundreds, if not thousands of people. Learn from case studies and best practices from churches that have been successful doing ministry online. This valuable webinar will equip you with practical strategies whether you are an online expert or a beginner.

Download the pdf or watch the video from this presentation here.

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