January 2009

The State of the Church Online – Part I Social & Community Networks
Are churches using the internet to gather, disciple and build community? In the last couple years a number of new private church community networks have been launched in addition to numerous social networking sites. We are still very early on...
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Eldering in a Decentralized Movement
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Kaleo Church began with a vision of preaching the Word and gathering people to be on mission to the world. Originally our dream amounted to being the ‘Mars Hill’ of San Diego, where I had come from and the church...
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Top 60 Blogs
Church Relevance listed the Top 60 Church Blogs on his site. (Smart idea considering if a handful of us link to this post his blog will soar up from #17.) A number of great reads and Goodmanson.com is honored to...
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2009 Technology & Church Planting Conferences Roadmap
Here are a few good conferences coming up that are on my roadmap: [REVISED 5/11] National Religious Broadcasters Convention & Exposition (February 7-10 Nashville, TN) The NRB annual Convention & Exposition is the largest nationally and internationally recognized event dedicated...
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