January 2008

GCA – Live Blogging
I'm at the Global Church Advancement Conference (GCA) this week and am encouraged to see "the stodgy old dudes at GCA are finally shedding their blog-norance" (as Bart put it) and do live blogging of the conference.  Alex Chediak (author,...
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Leadership Development in Community
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Kaleo Church is examining what it means to be the church, through this, Kaleo has shifted our emphasis to people living together being the church in the neighborhoods and patterns of life they are already in. We have re-oriented our...
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Gospel Stories @ Kaleo
We have gone through a crazy season at the Goodmanson home.  In the last two months we have had 2-families, several guests and a homeless man stay with us.  One of the most substantial is Nate, who lived with us...
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