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Month: July 2006

Semper Reformanda Records Launches

Semper Reformanda RecordsBrian Thomas, Worship Leader at Kaleo Church has launched Semper Reformanda Records.

Semper Reformanda Records is an independantly operated label whose focus is on providing the church with contextualized and missionally minded worship music that is Biblically sound and God-centered; utilizing the great traditions of the past while forging new artistic ground for the present and beyond. Brian Thomas is a modern day hymn writer, recording artist, and the Chief Musician of Kaleo Church in San Diego, CA.

SRR represents the missional side of the reformed faith, taking the best of our present culture and past traditions to praise our King. Theologically speaking, we align ourselves with the ecumenical creeds of the early church, the reformed confessions best summarized by the Belgic Confession, and agree with the Cambridge Declaration that the church is in need of continual reformation/renewal. Culturally, we do not believe the church has ever “arrived”, and therefore we do not latch onto any one tradition. We recognize that music is a powerful gift of God, and one of many ordained elements of worship that should undergird the preached Word.

Our desire is to build a roster of like-minded musicians to impact the church and watching world by writing and recording creative music for worship that will both challenge and inspire. Ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda!

Being the Church in San Diego

Dr. Tim Keller, senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, New York and founder of Redeemer Church Planting Center talks on, “Being the Church in our Culture.” Dr. Keller challenges believers to understand the division in church as it relates to the culture that we are in today. Tim Keller discusses the six facets of how to be a church that reaches the culture. First, more Christians living long-term in cities; second, with a better understanding of the gospel; third, living as dynamic counter-cultures in the city; fourth, integrating their faith and their work; fifth, radically committed to the good of the city as a whole; and sixth, contextualizing the gospel message. His stress lies in the fact that we must do all stated facets of ministry because they are all required by the gospel. They are not optional, and they are inter-dependent. Holistic ministry, in which Christians work sacrificially for the common good, is the necessary context for any convincing evangelistic call to believe in Jesus.

From theResurgence: Timothy Keller’s Being the Church in the City (mp3)

ChurchBeauty – church websites that inspire

Church WebsitesImago Dei was selected by ChurchBeauty – church websites that inspire. This site has a number of great church websites for you to take a look at and get ideas from. Other sites listed include The City Church and Dulles Community, which have received lots of praise at Godbit. At Church Beauty, you can also filter sites by categories like churches whose website are css-driven or churches that receive high marks for their church’s website usability.

Men Are from Mars Hill

Mark Driscoll praises Jesus, blasts mega-churches, and extols Reformed theology. An interview posted at Christianity Today.

Would you fix a Muslim's car

I spoke with a Christian who builds websites and he told me he would not build a website for any non-evangelical Christian religious group. In fact, he didn’t want to build a website for an alcohol company. So, this got me thinking. If you are an ‘evangelical’ Christian who believes the only way to God is through Jesus and all other religions are false:

Would you sell ice cream to an Islamic center, synagouge or scientology center?
Would you fix the bus of an Islamic center, synagouge or scientology center?
Would you create a sign for any of these groups?
Would you build their website?
Would you host an event?
Would you go door-to-door to hand out information if they paid you?

Where is the line for someone that believes these are promoting false beliefs?

America's pursuit of happiness

In the spirit of the 4th of July, this is a must read from The Economist, America’s pursuit of happiness. It provides this from a European perspective:

American HappinessOne of the most striking things about the document that Americans celebrate with such gusto on July 4 is that so much of it is dull – hardly worthy of the tons of fireworks and barbecue that are sacrificed in its honor.

The Founding Fathers were the first politicians to produce the explosive combination of individual rights and the pursuit of happiness. It remains equally remarkable today, still the best statement, 230 years after it was written, of what makes America American. There are lists of complaints about the administration of the courts and the quartering of British troops. There is an angry passage about King George’s habit of summoning legislators ‚Äúat places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public records.‚Äù But all this tedium is more than made up for by a single sentence ‚Äì the one about ‚Äúlife, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.‚Äù

The sentence was remarkable at the time – a perfect summary, in a few pithy words, of exactly what was new about the new republic. Previous countries had been based on common traditions and a collective identity. Previous statesmen had been exercised by things like the common good and public virtue (which usually meant making sure that people played their allotted roles in the divinely established order).

The Founding Fathers were the first politicians to produce the explosive combination of individual rights and the pursuit of happiness. It remains equally remarkable today, still the best statement, 230 years after it was written, of what makes America American.

The Book of Job gives warning that “man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward.” Americans, for all their overt religiosity, have dedicated their civilization to proving Job wrong.

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Acts 29 Church Plants

I saw this at REFORMING MY MIND. I don’t know if it’s exhaustive, but here’s a list of Acts 29 Church Plants:

Acts 29 Network Link
2 Rivers Church – Wentzville, MO
Alathia Community Church – Issaquah, WA
All Saints – Seattle, WA
City View Church – Keller, TX
Coram Deo Church – Bremerton, Wa
Core Community Church – Omaha, NE
Crosscurrent Church – Virginia Beach, VA
Crosspointe Church – Orlando, FL
Doxa Church – Seattle, WA
Ecclesia Church – Houston, TX
Edgeworth Church – Malden, MA
Grace Community Church – Auburn, WA
Grace Fellowship Church – Lynnwood, WA
Harambee Church – Renton, WA
Kaleo Church – Houston, TX
Kaleo Church – San Diego, CA
Liberti Church – Philadelphia, PA
Mars Hill Church – Ballard and Shoreline, WA
Matthias Lot Church – St. Charles, MO
Metro Community Church – Edwardsville, IL
Northpointe Church – North Chelmsford , MA
Oasis Christian Fellowship Church – Bend, OR
Oikos Fellowship Church – Bellingham, WA
Poiema Church – Phoenix, AZ
Portico Church – Charlottesville, VA
Praxis Church – Tempe, AZ
Providence Church – The Colony, TX
Providence Community Church – Plano, TX
Red Sea Church – Portland, OR
Seaside Church – Bremerton, WA
Seed Church – Bothell, WA
Soma Church – Tacoma, WA
Summit Community Church – Ofallon, MO
Terra Nova Church – Troy, NY
The Fields Church – Carlsbad, CA
The Journey Church – St. Louis MO
The Master’s Church – Denver, CO
The Resolved Church – San Diego, CA
River of Grace Church – Concord, NH
The Table Church – Portland, OR
The Vine Church – Redmond, WA
The Side of the Rock Church – Fortuna, CA
The Village Church – Highland Village, TX
Vintage 21 Church – Raleigh, NC

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