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Rock n' Roll is from Satan

Hells BellsI remember watching a poorly made video called, They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll with promotion by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort no less, which decried the evils of rock music. I remember feeling pretty manipulated by the video that seemed to take quotes out of context and twist the intention of some of the artists comments. What reminded me is a post over at that mentions another video about the ‘evils of rock n’ roll called Hells Bells.

Hells Bells Description:

After opening with an engaging apologetic on the power of music and the nature of man, Hell’s Bells examines the ideas of key satanists and occultists and looks for their parallels within the world of secular rock music. (Surprise, they’re virtually everywhere!) It then contrasts these “vain and evil imaginings” with the teachings of Jesus. By the end of this absolutely captivating video (multitudes of lost people have watched it out of interest, curiosity, even a desire to rip it apart!), the viewer has seen and heard the gospel forwards and backwards and knows that ultimately there are only two types of people (the lost and the redeemed) and two paths to go on (the path of self (satanism) or the way of the cross). Tens of thousands have been saved through this video! Produced in 1989; 185 minutes; VHS (NTSC); English

And here are some comments from Challies: Continue reading

Burnside Writers Collective LAUCHED

We’ll we’ve done a soft launch but there will be tons of mentioning Burnside Writers Collective in magazines, articles and the new books by Miller and others. Authors include Donald Miller, Rick McKinley, Jordan Green, Lauren F. Winner, Chris Seay. Musicians include Derek Webb and the Robbie Seay Band. Current articles include:

Arcade Fire, Funeral and The Killers, Hot Fuss
Interview: Al James of Dolorean
David Dark, The Gospel According to America

If you’d like to submit work to be included, email Jordan Green.

There will be many more tweaks to come. Email updates, ecommerce, some flash fun…but go check it out.

Moving from fear to faith

David FairchildFive years ago I remember walking up to total strangers and telling them they were sinners and were on their way to a torturous hell. It’s hard to forget. My friend Patrick and I went down to Hollywood on a Friday night and decided to stand in front of a porn shop and offer people warm words of fiery encouragement. No, I’m not kidding, that was the way in which I thought evangelism would best be honoring to God. I assumed cutting to the quick and getting rid of all of the peripheral fluff would be the best thing for the hearer if honesty was to be applied. Needless to say, Patrick and I didn’t receive a very warm welcome. Often I got the middle finger, or a nasty little comment which I would walk away thinking how good it was to suffer for the sake of Christ.

…continue (written by David Fairchild)

33 Reasons Why you shouldn't post your picture on the internet

33 ReasonsThese pictures are pretty funny of people who took one image and have edited this kid to be in so many crazy situations.

Check out all of them here.

The ManKind Project Article

Sheep & Goats The Mankind ProjectGalloping Horse, Soaring Eagle, Temple Badger, and Powerful Jaguar are some of the 30 graduates of the New Warrior Training Adventure. The New Warrior Training is a weekend retreat facilitated by The ManKind Project (MKP). According to its brochure, MKP “offers men the opportunity to look deeper into their lives and make healthy choices about their future.”

Full Article >

Church Marketing Sucks

Interesting Site about Church Marketing: Church Marketing Sucks

In response to one of the posts, a church adopted the slogan “now 17% less judgmental” which caused a little reaction:

We have outraged Christians that are angered that we would say that their church is judgmental and we have outraged people that we are only 17% less judgmental. When we start to talk with both of these groups I think they start to understand where we’re coming from, so let me try and explain it a little bit here.

Full response here.

Billy GrahamThe site also attacks the grandfather of evangelism, Billy Graham

Billy Graham Preaches to the Choir

I’ve been seeing Billy Graham’s face on some of the web sites I regularly visit: and Both are Christian sites and both are carrying ads for a Billy Graham TV special.

Let me get this straight: They’re doing a TV special to present the gospel (what else does Billy do?), so they advertise on sites with primarily Christian audiences? And there’s no ‘invite a friend’ spin to the ads, it’s just ‘watch Billy’. Seems like the BGEA is off the mark this time.

Full article here.


I attended a meeting for a new church that is starting in the Mission Valley area called Lifepoint. The pastor, Ken, returned to San Diego from a church he was pastoring in Georgia when his old church (here in San Diego) sold their property to plant two new churches. As I visit so many dying churches, I can only think, what would it look like if these dying churches were more active in helping new churches start? Again, without a Kingdom mentality too many people have an ‘us versus them’ mentality when it comes to church.

Songs I've been listening to…

Kings of Leon – Bucket (video)
Teitur – Sleeping With The Lights On (streamed)
Pinback Fortress

since we're talking car decals

Top anti-christian bumper stickers. Do these make you mad? Is there truth to these observations?:
God protect me from your followersCome The Rapture Can I Have Your Car?God is Coming and is she PISSEDI'm against the death penalty. Look what happened to JesusJesus loves you, everyone else thinks you're an assholeI bet Jesus would have used HIS turn signals

Score one for Darwin

Ichthus Fish Car Emblem Battle
Great sarcasm…the battle over the bumper continues as the gauntlet is thrown down. It’s going to be funny seeing how our ‘all-to-eager track-passing’ brothers in Christ will answer this one. Maybe Jesus with a sword coming out of his mouth? It will have to be half of the back of someone’s car. With the level of cheese on christian t-shirts I’m sure they will out-do even our wildest expectations. (Thanks to groovingdan and the Holy Observer for the find.)

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