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Month: December 2004

Burnside Writer's Collective

Blue Like JazzI’m beginning a web project with a group called Burnside Writer’s Collective. It will collect a group of authors such as Don Miller (Blue Like Jazz, Searching For God Knows What) and Rick McKinley (Jesus in the Margins : Finding God in the Places We Ignore). It should be a pretty cool group. McKinnely has a three book deal, I believe he’s finishing his second. Miller is finishing another book right now so there is plenty to come. Keep your calendar set for February when it launches.

Christmas in Sacramento

Tyler going madHere are some photos of our trip to Sacramento for Christmas. My mom, who is recovering from chemo/cancer is doing much better. It was great to spend some time with my family. Picture Gallery >

Future Grace

Future Grace by John Piper

Over the Christmas holiday I am reading a book by John Piper titled, Future Grace. Here is a quote that I read that I’ve been thinking about over the last few days:

Sin is what you do when your heart is not satisfied with God. No one sins out of duty. We sin because it holds out some promise of happiness. That promise enslaves us until we believe that God is more to be desired than life itself (Psalm 63:3). Which means that the power of sin’s promise is broken by the power of God’s. (Future Grace, page 9-10, John Piper)

I am on a bit of a John Piper kick as our church continues to be impacted by his ministry to create a passion amongst God’s people to seek God’s glory. Or to quote Piper in how he says it in all his books, “God is must glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.”


Faith Presbyterian Church

San Diego Reader Sheep & GoatsFor this weeks column I visted a PCUSA church near SDSU called Faith Presbyterian Church >

Mission Gathering

San Diego Reader Sheep & GoatsA postmodern (lots of candles, dark lighting the works) church up near UCSD. Read this weeks column, Mission Gathering >

Temple Emanu-El

San Diego Reader Sheep & GoatsMy wife was raised Jewish. She still can speak & write a little Hebrew. This was my first experience attending a Shabbat service. Read this weeks column: Temple Emanu-El >

Right Theology without Desire

The devil thinks more true thoughts about God in one day than a saint does in a lifetime, and God is not honored by it. The problem with the devil is not his theology, but his desires. Our chief end is to glorify God, the great Object. We do so most fully when we treasure him, desire him, delight in him so supremely that we let goods and kindred go and display his love to the poor and the lost. (When I Don’t Desire GOD p. 30 by John Piper)

10.9% in S.D. high schools attempted suicide, report says

About one in 10 high school students in the San Diego Unified School District attempted suicide last year, which is higher than the national average, according to a survey of 1,800 students. The number of reported suicide attempts among ninth-through 12th-graders was 10.9 percent, compared with 10.5 percent the previous year. The county ranked above the national average of 8.5 percent of students who acknowledged in a survey that they had attempted suicide. The data are part of an annual report on youth and families in San Diego County that the Board of Supervisors will receive and authorize for public release today. Full Article >

Ascension Catholic Church

San Diego Reader Sheep & Goats I attended Catholic school growing up through High School. It was a bit of nostalgia to do this weeks column on Ascension Catholic Church >

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