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Month: November 2004

A Wired San Diego

San Diego InternetOur church has spent time developing a website and placing a lot of content on the site for visitors and regulars. Most of the visitors that come to our church say they first researched our church online. Frequently guests have already listened to mp3 sermons, read teachings/articles and our statement of beliefs, etc. This is how many people find their church in San Diego. Here are some interesting stats I read this weekend in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“America Online this week ranked San Diego County as the No. 3 metropolitan area in the United States for online holiday shopping, behind San Francisco and Los Angeles”.

“In San Diego County, seven out of 10 home Internet users have broadband connections, such as a cable modem or digital subscriber line, making it the top region in the United States for high-speed Internet access.”

Part of our church’s mission is to bring the message of the gospel and communicate it to the community we live in. For many that communication begins through visiting our website.

The Vertex

San Diego Reader Sheep & GoatsThe Vertex is a ‘postmodern’ evening worship at First Baptist Coronado. View this week’ column The Vertex >

What Christians should learn from Queers

The week wore my wife and I out. After a quick dinner in Hillcrest (‚ÄúWell known as San Diego ‘s gay and lesbian Mecca‚Äù Union Tribune) we decided to rent a movie and call it a night. I dropped my wife off at home to put our son to sleep and drove to the nearby Blockbuster. Recently, the movie Saved! was recommended to us, so I hurried to the ‚Äòs’ area and picked up the movie. It was then I noticed a young man and woman browsing nearby. The woman, a hip urbanite said, ‚ÄúThat’s a good movie. It is a little strange though.‚Äù It is important to state, that my week had been a long one, work was crazy, and my wife and I had just had a conversation about serious life stuff, so I had entered into Blockbuster this evening in a utilitarian mode. Without thinking, I retorted, ‚ÄúYah, but are you a Christian?‚Äù Full Article >

Reformission & Culture

‚ÄúEach year 3,500 churches die. Most of these churches are liberal churches or from traditional denominations,‚Äù remarked Pastor Mark Driscoll. Mark Driscoll is the Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, where the congregation consists primarily of people in their twenties and thirties. As many churches across the country die, Mars Hill has grown from 12 people to over 3,000 in the last six years in ‚Äúone of the least churched cities,‚Äù comments Pastor Driscoll. ‚ÄúMany of the dying churches don’t know how to reach out to non-Christians in ways that reflect the lives of people today. If changes aren’t made, a church will lose future generations.‚Äù Driscoll’s call is for churches to speak to the culture without losing the hard truths of the Bible. Full Article >

(This is an article I wrote published in the San Diego Reader November 18, 2004 Volume 33 / Number 47)

San Diego Churches

It’s been interesting visiting so many San Diego churches. I’m learning a lot from this experience as far as all the diff’t denominations and beliefs. Of course I’m still sold on my favorite San Diego Church (thanks Mr. Berroth for your review).

Seattle Trip & Reformission Conference

Tyler & familyLast week my family returned to Seattle (we lived there nine years) and attended a conference at Mars Hill. The conference was called Reformission 2004. “The gospel has the power to transform lives, and indeed our culture. The goal of the Acts 29 Network is to plant churches that effectively reach the emerging generation. To accomplish this, young leaders need to be equipped with a solid theological understanding of the gospel. If our understanding of the gospel is weak, our proclamation and evangelism will be weak and fruitless. The Reformission conference will speak into areas of theological confusion prevalent today.” The most amazing part of the conference was hearing John Piper. That man blew me and a lot of people away. I hear they are going to put up his talks on the site. I strongly encourage you to listen to these.

We also had an opportunity to hang with my brother. Picture Gallery >

La Mesa First United Methodist Church

San Diego Reader Sheep & GoatsI visted a dying United Methodist church that a new pastor is trying to turn around. This week’s article is La Mesa First United Methodist Church >

Zeitgeist in the Details (Men's Magazine)

While walking through a shopping center, I stumbled upon a rack of men’s magazines. Stacked side-by-side Details, Maxim, Stuff, FHM, Razor, Esquire, Men’s Health and GQ peered back at me, wondering if I would take one of them home. It was at this moment, as I looked over the covers, it struck me. I should select one of these magazines to see what it might reveal about the state of man in America during November 2004. This would be an experiment in zeitgeist. (Definition: Zeitgeist – literally, spirit of the times, the outlook or general feeling characteristic of the art creations of a time or cultural period.) Full Article >

St. Francis and St. Tarcicius Old Catholic Church

San Diego ReaderI went to an Old Catholic Church. They are an off-shoot from Roman Catholic. It was a pretty interesting experience, as the Priest spend considerable amounts of time explaining all the liturgy and traditions. Check out this week’s Article of St. Francis and St. Tarcicius Old Catholic Church >

The Hubris of Modest Mouse

Bjork Medulla AlbumWith the release of their new album, Good News for People Who Love Bad News, Modest Mouse has achieved a new level of mainstream success. The album has received critical praise, for example, Rolling Stone rated the album four out of four stars. But what about the message behind these great tunes? Full Review >

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